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What is Halal Navi Bundle Deals

Halal Navi Bundle Deals lets you to enjoy great savings and exclusive deals from your local Halal and Muslim-friendly restaurant and services, all in one bundle deal. With our bundle deals, it makes it easier for our Muslim users to explore new restaurants as we only list Halal restaurants!

As a Muslim, finding Halal food is vital in our daily life. Although there are many choice of local Halal food, but when we seek for international cuisine, it is hard to find a good Halal or Muslim-friendly eateries and we only rely on information from our peers. Hence, our mission is to make it easier for Muslims to find Halal unique and international cuisines, no matter where you are.

About Halal Navi

Halal Navi is a social foodie platform for Muslims travelers and Muslims tourists going to Japan, South Korea and other Muslim-minority country . We are also one of the most recommended Halal food app when travelling to Japan.

With Halal Navi, Muslims worldwide will share about Halal foods near them while being transparent about the Halal status, making Halal Navi one of the reliable source to find Halal foods.

The benefits of joining Halal Navi Bundle Deals


You heard that right!

For our participating partners, there's no set-up fee or commission fee to be featured on Halal Navi Bundle Deals!


Reach more than 100,000 users monthly with Halal Navi!

We will give free exposures for our partners on our website and official social medias, and not to mention our in-house influencer's social medias!


Our bundle deals have a validity of 30 days upon subscription and we encourage our users to visit the same restaurant by enabling multiple redemption in 30 days!


Worried that we can't deliver the result? Well, even when there's no customer visit your restaurant, you won't have to bear any cost!

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